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Robin G. ★★★★

Nov 7, 2021

Nancy was wonderful to work with. She has a terrific eye for design and color and the vision to create a beautiful room. We redecorated our living room and just love it! From all the big decisions to the small details - Nancy gives 100 percent to your project. She searches for the perfect fabrics to complement the beautiful furniture we selected and gave lots of options along the way to work with. Nancy was always very responsive and professional and made working together really a pleasure!


Linda R. ★★★★

October, 2021


Nancy of ND interiors is the consummate professional. She listens to her clients, works within a budget, has a great eye and fantastic suggestions, but does not impose her preferences. Nancy is always responsive and is great at following up with vendors to always have a handle on timing. My project included renovating two bathrooms, creating a mudroom, repainting and furnishing living, dining, and family rooms, in addition to changing lighting fixtures in kitchen, halls and bedrooms.

I will use her again and highly recommend you do.


Peter S. ★★★★

August 19, 2020

As my wife and I recently downsized from our family home to a townhouse, we decided to try a different approach for the interior of our new home. . Fortunately for us, we found Nancy Davilman and ND Interiors. Nancy's instincts and eye for space, flow, and arrangement are impeccable. Nancy worked with us to create a master vision for the space that provided us with options of style, form, and color and focused on comfort and functionality. Nancy designed our entire main floor including Dining and Living Areas, including a stunning full kitchen reno that tied perfectly to the transformed space. Nancy was a joy to work with as she was incredibly responsive and proactively offered new ideas and concepts. You feel as though you are Nancy's only client, even though she is a very sought after designer. Our experience with ND interiors was stress-free and enjoyable. We could not be happier with Nancy's design and our new home. ND Interiors delivered big time on our project.


Judith W. ★★★★

March 14, 2020

Nancy took charge of helping us decide which things from our house should come with us to our new home, a condominium that was under construction when we hired her. She came with us to the sessions we had with the condominium people doing the construction, helped us select cabinets, countertops, finishing pieces and coverings, window treatments, and audio/visual installations. She was always professional and attentive, easy to work with, and understood both our needs and our taste. We are thrilled with the results.

Blair ★★★★

March 4, 2020

Nancy advised me about the design of my master bathroom, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. I knew I wanted a black and white bathroom and wanted an overall aesthetic that fits with our 1920s Dutch colonial home, and Nancy hit the nail on the head with all of the materials she helped source (floor tiles, shower tiles, shower door, sconces, mirrors, plumbing fixtures). Nancy was SO responsive and professional in all of her interactions with me, even though this was likely a smaller project for her. Would gladly use her again and, given her taste and professionalism, would highly recommend her to others.

Elizabeth B. ★★★★

October 25, 2019

From our very first email to Nancy explaining our project ideas, to the completion of the renovation and move back to the US, she has been outstanding. We met Nancy through a mutual friend and a referral from our broker, and even though we were living overseas at first, she was able to come up with a detailed plan for the renovation and decoration of our home. Nancy is someone who can work easily with a big team- this included our contractor, electrician, painters, floor person, AV person, and various design showroom people in Westchester, CT, and NYC. She is extremely detail-oriented and is always one step ahead of everyone else. Nancy has such a flair for design and color and is always coming up with innovative ideas. The before and after pictures of our home are proof of that. We were still living in London when we reached out to her and we had just gone into contract on our new house. The renovations started in July with an end of August move-in date. There was no time to waste and a lot of moving parts to manage. Our move went so smoothly thanks to Nancy and we were never worried about the completion of the project because she had it all under control, every step of the way. One of her gifts is to listen respectfully and look for the best possible solution to any situation. Needless to say, what would have been a daunting project became a fun and hassle-free one thanks to her. Our home is beautiful! We love it as does everyone who sees it. It has been such a privilege to work with Nancy, and to gain a friend in the process!

Client ★★★★

October 1, 2019

ND Interiors did an incredible job redecorating my living room. Nancy understood my vision, was patient with me as I explored options, led me to excellent sources for all of the elements of the room, with luxe and unique and beautiful options, helped me to put all the pieces together, and ultimately created a gorgeous space that I am proud to have as the centerpiece of my home.

Christine P. ★★★★

August 12, 2019

I had a great experience working with Nancy! We are first time home buyers coming from a small apartment in NYC, and also didn't have a clear vision for the style/vibe of our house - so we were total "newbies." She was very patient and helpful, leading us through the process and making us feel comfortable. She did a great job helping me weave in some less expensive purchases as well to keep the budget down. I love the look of my house more and more each day that we live here (all of the pieces she picked are gorgeous!). I look forward to working with Nancy on all of my future home projects!

Cynthia G. ★★★★

December 27, 2018

Nancy has great ideas and is easy to work with. She is very detail-oriented and any issues (and there are always some issues!) are handled quickly and professionally. We recommend her most highly. And her sense of humor makes her fun to work with!

Laura B. ★★★★

December 27, 2018

When I first called upon Nancy for what I thought would be a little help in designing my new apartment, little did I know that months of intense collaboration would ensue? It’s been quite a ride. Nancy is talented, resourceful, and wonderfully patient..the voice of reason in the maddening world of renovation. No one works harder or makes herself available at any hour more than this amazing pro. Add to that the fact that she is great fun to work with... you can’t do better.

Eileen P. ★★★★

December 22, 2018

Nancy is a true professional interior designer. She listens and incorporates her ideas with your taste in design. She has very good resources and doesn't object to using her customer's resources. Excellent follow up regarding orders and is very considerate to your budget.

R. ★★★★

August 29, 2018

I worked with Nancy on a complete redesign of my master bedroom. I had never worked with a designer before and was a bit intimidated with the whole process, but Nancy was amazing at every step. She spent time getting to know me and what I was looking for. She took time to educate me about the design process and at every step offered me reassuring guidance and inspiration. I could not imagine a better first time experience with working with a designer. Nancy was the consummate professional...and super fun to work with as well. I always looked forward to our meet-ups....and I have a phenomenal master bedroom too!

Alan N. ★★★★

December 25, 2017

I hired Nancy for an extensive renovation of my very expensive condominium apartment that required craftsmen from multiple specialties. Nancy not only found the most qualified companies, but she was able to coordinate all work from beginning to end. She was also extremely flexible and happy to work with me, even though I had very specific ideas on decorating that could have easily been uncomfortable. The apartment is now beautiful and has far exceeded my expectations. An excellent job!

Karen M. ★★★★

December 9, 2017

We worked with Nancy on our home renovation. She was a great partner, super responsive, professional, flexible with scheduling (which is so great as I was very pregnant with #2), and worked within our budget. She has a keen eye for design and played such a critical role in all of the decisions we made. With so many options to choose from for everything - tiling, hardware, bath/kitchen hardware, sinks, vanities, lighting, paint, etc - Nancy made it so much easier to narrow down and make a final decision. She was an amazing resource. It was also so great to feel like someone was on your side. She didn't force us to spend more than we budgeted for but would let us know where she felt spending more would go further which was truly appreciated. My husband and I also like VERY simple designs, however, she was great at pushing our boundaries a bit to make the home look and feel that much more "elevated" in style. Thanks so much, Nancy! We love our home.

Jeff W. ★★★★

October 31, 2017

Nancy exceeded expectations in every way. I am skeptical of designers and was hesitant to use one for a kitchen remodel that I just completed. I was worried about the cost and getting pushed in a direction that didn't work for me. From the beginning it was clear that Nancy was a great match, she listened well, she has amazing design instincts and she adapted well to our personal style. I ended up with a kitchen that feels like my own ideas but expressed in a way that I never would have been able to come up with on my own. Nancy has great relationships in the industry and I think she ended up saving me more money than she charged. I price checked on numerous occasions online and at other stores and never managed to be able to find a better price than the discounts she got us in various stores and in the case of the quartz countertops (biggest purchase we made) her connection came in 40% lower than a quote from a friend who is in the industry and has great relationships, unbelievable! The quality of the work from everyone she recommended was excellent including taking returns on one item that was clearly stated as being non-returnable. Nancy is a rare combination of design talent, consistent focus on client tastes and never losing sight of cost vs. value. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and will be working with her again on my next remodeling project.

Jean G. ★★★★

October 30, 2017

Despite the fact that my project was a smaller scale than her other clients, Nancy of ND Interiors listened and worked with me in the same way I’m sure she does with her larger project clients. She gave me the time, ideas, and support to make my dream bedroom become a reality. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Emily C. ★★★★

October 11, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Nancy of ND Interiors on a project to decorate our dining room and entryway. Nancy listened carefully to what I was looking for and thoughtfully considered how best to achieve our design goals within the specified budget. She quickly grasped my personal style and was able to translate that into furniture suggestions that worked beautifully in our nearly 100-year-old colonial home. Nancy is generous with her time, very responsive, and always willing to search for the best price to stick to a budget. She willingly proposes where trade-offs can be made on price without compromising overall look and quality. Although our project started with just two rooms of the home, I decided to expand our work together to also include finishing our master bedroom - and I'm eager to start other projects with Nancy soon.

Walker Z. ★★★★

October 3, 2017

Nancy is such a pleasure to work with, professional, and great at what she does! The kitchen she designed was spectacular!! I look forward to our next project together.

Doreen H. ★★★★

September 25, 2017

I’ve worked with Nancy over the last 12 months on a complete renovation of our old Victorian and I can only add to the other reviewers’ comments and emphasize, how much Nancy has helped us in achieving our goals for our project. She has a friendly, easy but professional demeanor and I really enjoyed working with her. Nancy’s advice on design and color was very helpful and she also has an excellent source of contacts and networks in the trade community. She always went the extra mile to help us find what we were looking for and helped us stick to our budget. I would highly recommend her!

Paula M. ★★★★

September 22, 2017

Always a pleasure to work with Nany Davilman. I am so virtually Impressed with her high level of professionalism. Nancy really has a contagious and amazing gift. ND Interiors has the newest design concepts that transcend and equally inspires her clientele...from spec homes, retail projects, residential to commercial design. A significant plus is she answers every question and will find the right solution. Nancy is totally devoted.

Mike M. ★★★★

September 21, 2017

Nancy is a pleasure to work with. She has great taste, answers questions quickly, and goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. We recommend her to all who are in need of interior design help.

Studio D. ★★★★

September 20, 2017

Nancy has been a fantastic resource and collaborator on design projects! I have worked with Nancy now on four projects, and have found her to be organized, professional, painstaking, and thoroughly dedicated to her work. She is in constant communication, stays on top of her many orders and deliveries, and keeps a calm and supportive demeanor with her clients. In moments of adversity, she searches for solutions and finds them. I think it's relatively easy to find a designer with a "good eye" but much harder to find one with both the eye for design and the organizational skills to be a good designer. Nancy has both!

AInslie S. ★★★★

September 19, 2017

We bought a grand old home that needed lots of updates and facelifts and Nancy has been our trusted partner in all big and small. From planning and executing a major kitchen renovation to sweating over picking just the light right fixture for the front hallway - Nancy has helped in all areas bringing excellent tradespeople and vendors to the table. I would recommend her to anyone - especially those pressed for time. She can work in "shorthand" which I highly valued.

Roger W. ★★★★

February 23rd,  2020

Nancy is a true pleasure to work with. She recently completed designing our new 2,700 SF condo and she not only understood our taste in everything from furniture to fixtures and she is also committed to getting value for her clients. Nancy is an advocate for her clients at all levels, with a great sense of humor and the ability to work efficiently.

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